In the world of real estate, airparks are one of the hottest commodities going as more people begin to experience the joy of having their own airplane. Having a private pilot's license and your own personal private airplane can be a lot of fun, but if you have to park your plane miles away from you home it can take away some of the pleasure of ownership. If you have to pay for privilege of parking your plane outside or even more for hangar space, ownership can be very expensive. If you buy a home in one the many airparks that are springing up all over the country, you can save all of the money you would be paying out to the airport because you will be able to park your plane at home in your own private hangar that is either under or next to your house.

You can now buy a house that comes with its own hangar in place of a garage or with a garage attached so that you can still park your car out of the weather too. People who are passionate about flying generally take great pride in the ownership of their personal aircraft, it represents a very large investment and as such the idea of leaving it in someone else's hands may not sit well. Security at most small airports is notoriously poor and the number of thefts of the expensive electronics equipment that is found in most modern aircraft has been on the rise, causing owners to look for better alternative, airparks provide you with the security of parking your aircraft at home where you can keep a close eye on it. Generally all of the residents of airparks are like minded people, they all own their own aircraft and have them parked at home like the family car. This means that no one is ever going to complain when you taxi down the street or taxiway to park it in the driveway or hangar as they are just as likely to be doing the same thing another day.

If you are looking at a residential airpark where the majority of residents are not aircraft owners and you fly, you might want to look elsewhere as these non flyers are apt to try and change the whole atmosphere of the neighborhood and start limiting your activities. For the most part these airparks are located in areas outside of town as they are either attached to the community airport or need the space for their own runway. This attracts those who not only love to fly, but love to spend time in the great outdoors and makes for a very unique community. If you are interested in this type of living you should check out Silver Wing as Sandpoint. Located in beautiful North Idaho, this new Fly In community is in the process of being completed and you can have a hangar home built to suit your needs. This is your chance to live in the home of your dreams with plenty of room for your aircraft.

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