Fly In Community
Aircraft owners that are looking for an air park in Idaho will delight in the fly-in community offered by Silver Wings at Sandpoint. If you love flying to prestigious vacation spots where there is something to look forward to in activities for the whole family, this is a prime destination to come and live. With Idaho being one of the most popular air recreational centers in the United States, you can come and live in the best fly-in community in the US when you see what Sandpoint has to offer. Visit some absolutely exquisite scenery, golf lovers can play on fabulous golf courses, and there are boundless activities available at some top vacation spots, from mountain climbing to horse riding. Our fly-in community also offers you easy access to the stunning Schweitzer Ski resort with exciting slopes to suit the most discerning skiing enthusiasts.

Silver Wings fly-in community offers you safe hangar units for all size aircraft with access to some stylish residential and commercial accommodation in close proximity. Have a look at the different developments in progress that you can invest in, or those that are complete, all at exceptional investments that will definitely increase in value over time. You can live in this fly-in community, which is just a stone's throw away from Sandpoint Airport, where your aircraft can be housed safely at great rates, while you have access to all facilities you need for maintenance. The fly-in community common area offers you barbequing facilities, pristine swimming pools, and a spa, and while living here, you will definitely make some new friends with other pilot enthusiasts.

We have designed our website so that you can find all the information about our fly-in community, and with these developments being snapped up fast, you should make a decision as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Read about the amenities in the Sandpoint area, that even comprise of a theme park with some exciting rides, and with all the available airstrips in the area, you can enjoy your love of flying to visit a variety of destinations where you can stop off and vacation until your heart is content. Invest in this unique fly-in community, and enjoy a quality lifestyle in the state of Idaho that offers you a great climate, friendly communities, and access to some beautiful places to visit.

Silver Wings at Sandpoint was designed for aircraft owners, but those who have flying experience can also come and invest in this fly-in community, and no doubt find the option of rental aircraft as they desire. Read all the details of this fly-in community and find driving directions by using the convenient Google maps feature we have provided. You are welcome to contact our expert consultants that will give you the finer details of these amazing properties, and you can fly in, and visit them yourself to see how amazing they are firsthand. Have a look at the floor plans and layout of this fly-in community, and you will see that it has been designed perfectly for every aircraft owner to look forward to the quality lifestyles to which they are accustomed.

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