Fly In Community

Living in a Fly In community is unlike living in any other type of residential community you have ever had the opportunity to live in. These communities are custom built with those who own their own aircraft and want to enjoy being able to park it at home. At one time only the very wealthy lived in a home with a place for them to park their plane, today anyone who owns their own plane can have a house with a built in hangar to park their plane and access to a runway that they can use at any time. Depending on the location of the Fly In community you choose you may have access to a private runway or there may be a taxiway that leads directly to your community airport. Many of the private runways are lit and have their own fuel depots to allow the residents to come and go at any hour of the day or night. One of the best parts of living in this type of community is that since the majority of the residents are like minded no one is likely to complain about aircraft noise.

At one point in time the Fly In community was a rarity and they were mostly found in areas where only the really wealthy tended to live such as Florida or Arizona, today they are springing up all over the country as more people are learning to fly and find the joy of ownership that comes with buying your own aircraft. One thing that most owners find is that there is very little pleasure in having to leave your pride and joy parked miles away at an airport. Living in a Fly In community gives owners the opportunity to park their plane at home just like they would their car. Not only do they have the opportunity to park it at home, but their home is usually built around a hangar that is big enough to house their plane and keep it safely stored away from both the weather and any would be criminals. To get this type of protection at an airport can be very cost prohibitive to many private plane owners, this type of living arrangement eliminates this cost.

There are many different styles of Fly In community from those designed to accept only propeller driven aircraft with a short daylight only runway to those that have a long runway that is fully lit and big enough to accept small private jets. You should try and choose a community that fits in with your type of aircraft unless you do not mind what your neighbors fly and how much noise you have to deal with. When you are ready to buy a home in a Fly In community in the beautiful setting of Northern Idaho just below the Canadian border you might want to take a good look at Silver Wing at Sand Point. They have a fully planned hangar home community that is designed for those who want to have their aircraft hangared under their house so that they can hop in their plane and taxi to the Sand Point airport to take off in the wild blue yonder.

Hangar Homes