Hangar Houses

One of the hottest selling types of residential real estate on the market even in today's struggling economy is hangar houses. In this case we are not talking about homes that are made out of old airplane hangars, but rather homes that feature a fully functional airplane hangar as a part of the house. This is perfect for those who have their own personal airplane and really do not relish the idea of having to pay far too much every month for the privilege of parking it at the nearest airport. In many areas of the country the number of airports that allow small aircraft to be stored and flown in and out of on a regular basis has slowly been dwindling in the last quarter of a century. This often means that those who own their own airplanes must use an airport that is many miles from where they live. Hangar houses located in residential airparks are the perfect solution to this as they not only the perfect solution to being able to safely store your airplane, but these communities all have their own private runways and fueling stations.

Those who live in hangar homes tend to be people who live and breathe the airplanes that they fly; this creates a very close knit community of like minded people who are always there to lend a helping hand. It does not matter whether it is a tip to help a neighbor with a maintenance problem or to talk about the last really interesting or fun place they flew to for a weekend getaway. As long as the majority of residents are flyers the atmosphere is bound to be one of fun and aviation. The design of these hangar homes varies depending on the area you are looking at and the company that is in charge of development. One of the more common styles of home is to build the house over the top of the hangar allowing the developer to maximize the use of the land available in the development. In some areas the hangar is attached to the side of the house much in the same way as a regular automobile garage would be attached. Part of the decision regarding which of the different styles of hangar houses to choose from is also based on the type of aircraft the buyer has.

The type of aircraft allowed in a particular residential airpark may be limited by the rules of the Homeowner's Association limiting what type of aircraft are permitted and by the length of the runway available. If you are interested in hangar houses and living in the Lake Pend Oreille area of North Idaho, you might want to get in on the ground floor at the latest residential airpark, Silver Wing at Sandpoint. Currently they are in the process of accepting new residents and offer a variety of different sizes of hangars and homes for you to choose from. Located with direct access to Sandpoint airport and in one the most beautiful areas of North Idaho you will be able to enjoy some of the best the outdoors has to offer.

Hangar Homes