Residential Airpark

Imagine being able to land your private plane on the runway just down the road from your house and then to be able to taxi it right in the hangar attached to your home just like you would your personal car. If you live in a residential airpark this is exactly what you can do, you will no longer need to park your pride and joy at the local airport which might be many miles away. This type of housing is rapidly growing in the housing market even as other areas are fighting to keep sales up. Many realtors and developers across the country are actually reporting that residential airpark home prices are either holding steady or are actually starting to creep up as this type of living becomes more popular among those who love to fly and have their own private aircraft. One thing to keep in mind though if you are the one who is trying to sell a hangar home is that because they are very much buyer specific homes , they can remain on the market as much as twice as long as other homes in regular communities.

For the most part those who are looking to buy a home in a residential airpark are very passionate about both their flying and their plane. There is something very unique about the lifestyle that most of these communities offer as most of the residents share the same love of flying and the great outdoors. Since these communities are based around their own private runway, they are usually set on the outskirts of town where there are wide open spaces. They are usually close to areas that offer lots of outdoor recreation opportunities and plenty of wildlife. Despite the obvious noise of the aircraft, the environment and lifestyle in and around the residential airpark tends to be relatively peaceful. Most of the time neighbors are good friends with each other and the community is gated to protect the homes, aircraft and residents within. Often residents will share the chores of maintenance with each other and love to swap tips and stories over dinner or a barbeque on the weekend.

Living in a residential airpark means being able to load up and take off practically from your own backyard if you should suddenly decide that you want to head to the city for the weekend or go down south for a weekend of golf and sun in the winter. You should ensure that the majority of those who live in the community are flyers as when there are too many people who do not fly, they may change the focus of the park which is not what it was built for in the first place. If you are a pilot with a passion for flying and are looking for a chance to get in on the ground floor at a brand new residential airpark in the Pacific Northwest you might want to visit Silver Wings at Sandpoint. They are in the process of taking orders for hangars and homes and can build to suit your needs. The community is located in beautiful Sand Point, Idaho.

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